Prime Series 1 RK3399 SoM + Carrier Board


OES Rockchip RK3399 Dual Cortex-A72 (1.8Ghz) with Quad Cortex-A53 (1.4Ghz) SoM + Carrier Board; designed and developed by the Optimus Embedded Systems team.  Other features of our custom SoM + Carrier Board are:4GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB on board memory, individual WiFi + BT Antennas, AP6356S WiFi & BT 4.1 chip, GigE chip, Crypto chip, & more.


Our RK3399 SoM & Carrier Board is a very high performance ARM embedded system based on the Rockchip Dual Cortex-A72 (1.8Ghz) with Quad Cortex-A53 (1.4Ghz) RK3399 SoC; designed and developed by the Optimus Embedded Systems team.  This powerful system vastly outdoes other competitor SBC’s and pulls in a:

  • GeekBench Single-Core score of: 1347
  • GeekBench Multi-Core score of: 3024
  • GLMark2-es GPU Performance score of: 237

SoM Features

  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Individual WiFi + BT Antennas
  • AP6356S WiFi + BT 4.1 chip
  • GigE chip
  • Crypto Chip

Our SoM has highly supported software support and can run well known OS’s such as:

  • Armbian
  • Debian
  • Android
  • Ubuntu
  • Buildroot
  • Manuaro Minimal
  • Manjaro LXQT
  • Manjaro KDE
  • LibreELEC (Leia)
  • Recalbox Beta
  • Slackware ARM Base
  • Slackware ARM XFCE

Carrier Board Features

  • 3-MIPI CSI w/TSM5MP645 switch
    • 1x 8-lane
    • 2x 4-lanes
  • 1x USB-C Power Port
    • Support USB Type C PD 2.0, 9V/2A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/2A
  • 2x USB-C 3.0 Ports
  • GigE Port
  • 40-pin Raspberry Pi Compatible GPIO
    • UART
    • SPI bus
    • I2C bus
    • PCM/I2S
    • SPDIF
    • PWM
    • ADC
  • RTC
  • HDMI
  • 1x Audio Line-In
  • 1x Audio Line-Out
  • 1x IR-in
  • MiscoSD
  • eMMC – up to 128GB

This provides the perfect platform for businesses/startups seeking to develop applications, prototypes, and other products surrounding: facial recognition, VR, machine vision, autonomous-driving, AI, deep learning, & more.

More on the RK3399 base specs can be found HERE

Additional information

Dimensions 103.5 × 68.6 × 17.45 mm


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