To get started with the OES Prime S1, you’ll need to flash it with a Linux image.
You can download our latest development image below:

Yocto image
Ubuntu Xenial image – dev release

Do not wait for the OES Prime S1 tests in when using the flasher; instead, unplug your Prime S1 after you see the flashing progress bar.

The OES Prime S1 Dev Kit includes a heat-sink; which can be attached to the bottom left corner of the SOM.

Flash Your Prime S1

To flash your Prime S1 you’ll need to boot it in a flashing (FEL) mode.

Entering flashing (FEL) mode

  • Plug your Prime S1 into your PC using the provided (or any) microUSB USB to provide power
  • Press and hold the UBOOT button
  • Press and release the RESET button
  • Release the UBOOT button

You can also enter flashing mode by holding the UBOOT button and plugging in the microUSB cable at the same time.

OES Prime S1 Flasher

Use OES Prime S1 Manufacturing Flash Tool to flash OES Prime S1.